Website Design and Internet Marketing

Your website is one of the most powerful tools you have to drive your brand, communicate with your audience and sell your products or services on the Internet. Mirus Group can create a website for your business that incorporates the elements of impactful internet communication, ecommerce, and mobile compatibility.

Rooster Fish Brewing, built from the ground up to create a unique and visually luscious viewer experience. Visit Rooster Fish here.

Clean yet inviting, high-end but accessible, the Packwood House website was a lovely project to relaunch. Visit Packwood House.

The Spirit of the Finger Lakes, Ithaca Beer Co. trusted Mirus Group for web design to makes a statement. Visit Ithaca here.

Even if you only need a simple website, you still need to make a gorgeous impression. Visit Local 62 here.

Design aesthetics combine with intelligent copywriting to create a lovely site to entice viewers to connect. Visit Recipi here.

A complete rebranding of a property, we helped Hobbit Hollow House redefine their experience. Visit Hobbit Hollow House.


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Our Web Design & Development Process

 A great website design stands out from competing sites and draws the viewer in with dynamic graphics, imagery that’s engaging, and an uncluttered and easy to follow design structure.

Navigation - we strive to discern the hierarchy of your viewers' needs to communicate and navigate.

Typography - whenever possible, we strive for live type instead of imagery to keep search engine optimization valuable and to ensure fluid resizing.

Design Consistency - your brand promise and voice must communicate consistently between your products, packaging, and your website.

Mobile Device Compatibility - in the world of ubiquitous smartphones, we have to ensure that your website is mobile-ready. It impacts both user-experience and search-engine rankings.

Content - we can help you develop content - imagery and text - that appeals to and communicates with your viewers. More isn't always better. They say content is king, but it's the quality of it that converts to sales and good ROI.

Contact Mirus Group to help you design a customized Internet marketing strategy that meets your business goals.

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Information Gathering and Research - learning to whom we need to communicate and how

Strategy & Navigation - developing a site outline and navigational structure

Website Design - basic layouts, typically of a homepage and one or two interior pages

Website Development - programming and laying out all pages crucial for a successful launch

Testing and Deployment - ensuring satisfactory viewing across a variety of mediums, from various browsers to mobile devices and smartphones

Website Maintenance - analysis of performance and user experiences, generating new content, creating and updating social media experiences