Opportunities and Strategies for Brand Managers

As a brand manager you face a unique challenge; creating a forward-facing consumer-driven product and packaging while exciting and working with distributors and vendors and communicating internally to your team of results-driven marketing and branding professionals. Mirus Group can help you develop the strategies and deploy the tactics to solidly achieve marketplace excellence.

Leverage Market Information

Market Research is one of the most fundamental sets of information you as a brand manager need to collect before launching a product or service into market. Shockingly many brand managers fail to cultivate awareness of competition, consumer strategies, and brand perception. Even placement on shelf and location in-store can significantly effect your sales.

Mirus Group has experience with helping you understand your brand perceptions. If you need tough love, we'll tell you how to improve. And we'll help you do it.

Evaluate Brand Visibility and Perception

You have an awesome product but do consumers even know about it? You may have developed the greatest organic, free-range widget in the marketplace, but if you don't develop support marketing for it, no one will see or purchase your product.

Brand managers must curate the entire purchase decision-making process from Point of First Contact to final sale. This includes point-of-sale, advertising, social media and more. You can't rely on shelf presence alone – although that's crucial too! Every awareness must be accounted.

Consistent Messaging Establishes Equity

You have a reputation to uphold. Literally. Your brand, your logo, your packaging and labeling, your marketing, your social media and website, your fleet graphics and invoices and stationery. All of these must be designed with a specific eye toward a consistent brand message.

Little erodes consumer confidence faster than perceiving a product misaligned with its marketplace, or inconsistently presented at point-of-purchase compared to first perception. Consistency of messaging is key to sales conversion.


We want to work with you. We love problem solving for creative and amazing consumer brands. We crave passionately designing awesome labels and packaging and marketing materials. We rejoice when we hear that you are winning in your marketplace. Contact us today and let's work together to build your brand and company for tomorrow's market share and sales.

Mirus Group creates package design from Rochester New York
that deploys and sells around the world.

We want to develop branding for food packaging. We excel at designing marketing materials for point of sale and POCM. We have years of experience managing hundreds of SKUs. We are experts in adult beverage packaging, legal label requirements for the TTB, and love wineries and breweries. We are diverse in our talents and interests but one thing remains constant: a passionate creativity for design and strategy solutions!

Curation of established brands is a tremendous and ongoing responsibility.