Kodak and Mirus Group
Years of Collaboration and Brand Innovation

Partnership History

Kodak is a household name that has been a regional and worldwide leader since its founding in 1888. Mirus Group's involvement doesn't go back quite as far, but we have helped them launch successful brands and products for the entire timeline of Mirus Group's existence. The graphic design and marketing expertise of Mirus Group has led some of their most successful product launches.

Innovating Products for Consumer Packaging Sales

• Inkjet printer packaging
• Inkjet ink packaging
• Promotional variant packaging
• Camera packaging
• Video camera packaging
• Film packaging
• Blank disc media (CDs, DVDs, VHS)
• Memory Cards and Flash Drives
• Fashion items
• Document paper
• Photo paper
Point of Sale displays
• Battery packaging
• Regional labels and stickers
• Brand evolution lockups for new lines
3D illustrations
• Tradeshow promotional graphics
• Photoshoot curation and direction

Our Role in our Clients' Success

• A partnership of effective results-oriented communication with Kodak for over a decade
• Seamlessly fit within an international company's workflow while bringing fresh perspective
• Developing design directions for new product lines, responding to fresh market research
• Framing the design development by performing real world competitor comparisons
• Designing impactful Business to Consumer packaging to educate and entice on shelf
• Evolving Kodak's brand communication over several years of product innovation
• Critical participation from concept sketches to design refinement and print production
• Developing good-better-best communication and rankings that elevate all products
• Designing clearly communicative icons, color schemes, and photography manipulation
• Working with 3rd-party licensing such as Warner Brothers' Harry Potter franchise
• Work with 3rd-party licensees to utilize the Kodak brand on new products
Multiple language packaging from 1 language to upwards of 20 languages

From concept to launch

Mirus Group develops products that get noticed.

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