A professional logo and brand is not optional.

Whether you are a service provider or are offering a consumer product, you need a brand. A brand is more than just a logo, but the logo design is a crucial part of the overall market perception. You've done the dirty work of figuring out your goods and services. You've got a great offering. But consumers will not buy your product if you look unprofessional.

Mirus Group has combined decades of brand building experience in Western New York, Fairport, and the Rochester region. Your brand presence needs strong and consistent representation to prove that you're not a fly-by-night operation.  We help shape the forward-facing brands of taste-makers and brand managers.

Poorly developed logos reflect cheap products and services

Strong brand strategy and tactics improve trust, and trust boosts conversion

Consistent equity in all target encounter spaces reinforces professionalism

Consumers will not believe your brand promise if your logo is unprofessional.

You could have the best widget in the world but if your logo is an afterthought, no one will trust you. Famous brands are recognizable because they have equity. Equity is a combination of professionalism and established quality of service and product, but it's also a perception crafted by showing your brand the same care and attention that you promise to show with the product or service you are offering.

Penfield Plumbing is one of Mirus Group's branding success stories.

Penfield Plumbing is an established company in Monroe County. Some people knew them and they have been operating for years. However their branding was significantly outdated and even when it was developed it was as an afterthought.

Mirus Group transformed the brand perception of Penfield Plumbing by designing a logo for them that was aspirational. No longer were people perceiving the van – their most forward-facing billboard-esque advertisement – as a dour necessity to fix unsavory plumbing disasters. Now they are perceived as a modern and clean brand, a lifestyle offering of quality and elegance. Professionalism and immaculate service.

A new logo can revitalize a stagnant community outreach. A fresh face can help you connect with modern tastes while respecting your heritage and equity. You have a great product – give it a great branding and design.

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You will fail to convert if your logo style doesn't match your product.

You very well may have a "cool" logo – but it might not be the right cool logo for communicating to your audience. There's a bridge between style and substance where the right rhetoric of communication speaks the right words in the right context. Color, font, imagery, iconography, typography – these are crucial ingredients to a strong brand presence.

You need a style guide and consistency.

Professionally developed style guides set the stage for brand fidelity across numerous platforms: website, print advertisement, fleet graphics, stationery. We design all of these and more. You may be a hot new entrepreneur – we love working with strong startups with great visions! – but no matter what, your brand cannot be perceived as unprofessional or unconsidered. Your packaging, labeling, and marketing must all be professional.