How to Reach New Consumers

Sometimes a brand needs a refresh. Whether it's an established product that has been outpaced by customers, or tastes and trends are changing, or you simply want to GROW (who doesn't) you may need to update your branding, update your packaging, develop a new website design, or any number of new outreach ideas.

Mirus Group has the experience and passion to thoroughly evaluate your current brand standing in terms of consumer perception and buying techniques. We also can suggest new ways to refresh or evolve your brand. Sometime's it's a minor adjustment to improve communication – sometimes it's a major undertaking to communicate in a whole new way to a new target demographic. Either way, we can consult, concept, and create fantastic new art that will help you reach out.

Update a Brand

How many times have you heard "retro is in!" – sometimes it's true, but sometimes it's not. Is your brand being perceived the way YOU want it to be perceived? Are you reaching the right audience at the right point of purchase?

Marketing communication is subtle. You want to appeal to your consumers, appeal to your target demographics, but it can't stop there. You can't just have someone say "that's a cool can" and move on to purchase a competing product. One you have their attention, you need to educate and inform a purchase with information. We understand the balancing act.

Brand Managers are the pivot point between executives and CEOs and consumers. You need to please both. You have to toe the company line and justify the changes - we can help you with that. From interior presentations, point of sale illustrations, and design decks, we can empower you to talk about your brand updates and how and why it will go the way you want it to go. On the other hand, the consumer-facing end goal of the product - you can't just talk a good game. You also have to convince the consumer to purchase.

Fitting In and Standing Out

Mirus Group regularly has discussions about the shelf set. It's so very important for your brand. You need to fit in to your category but stand out from your competitors. If everyone in your industry uses, say, Blue... how can you use Blue in a way that's innovative? Sure, it sounds a little silly, but it's absolutely crucial to attract and then convert for sales. We've been doing this for over 15 years - let us help you navigate your marketplace.

From working with amazing stores and distributors, we have learned what you need to know to get on shelf and then fly off it. We know how to get on shelf at Wegmans. We know how to get on shelf at Home Depot and Lowes. We help grow internet sales. We develop sales kits for you to persuade, educate, and entertain the stores that will sell your product. Reach out for our expertise today. Your brand and your bottom line will thank you.

Brand managers are the single-point position responsible for marketing strategies and developing brand standards, curating exciting new packaging, developing outreach to new markets – all the while respecting and honoring existing customer preferences.

You have the opportunity to engage us as your personal branding and marketing experts in the western New York region. We learn from you about your product and your company. We do the research.F

Mirus Group eschews out-of-control budgets and costs by maintaining a deliberate and focused team of professionals dedicated to your brand and your account. You never get our "B Team" because we don't have a B Team. When you work with us, you work with our best, and we are dedicated to you.

We have years of experience building efficiencies into our design process and are dedicated to a seamless workflow, communicating with print vendors and distribution solutions to ensure your projects are strategized, executed, and shipped without turbulence.

Let us be your silver bullet!