Package Design in Rochester NY

Are you looking for package design in western New York? Don't take it for granted!.

Packaging not only sells your product to consumers but it is crucial to be able to sell in to distribution channels in the first place. Mirus Group has over 15 years of experience (50+ if you add up our partners' experience) in brilliant package design that gets on shelf.

Label Design and Package Design sells to Stores as much as to Consumers

 Retailers. It's all about communicating to retailers. They are the gatekeepers. You have to sell to them first and prove your awesome product is worth the shelf space. This involves not only showing that your product inside the box is great but that the packaging itself will entice consumers and you have developed support and promotional materials.

We have helped established brands launch new products to grocery and hardware stores.

We have helped growing New York entrepreneurs sell their products in to stores and get product on shelf.

We work with brand managers and brand stewards to ensure that the product is represented in a way that preserves the brand equity and honors its heritage while simultaneously meeting current tastes and trends. This gives brand managers the best toolkit of well designed packaging to sell in to stores and excite distributors. We also excel in support materials targeting stores: such as Point of Sale, and support materials targeting distributors: such as Sell Sheets, Sales Slicks, interactive PDFs and app design.

If you're proud of your product, chances are good we'll be proud to work with you to design the best packaging for it!

Launching a new product is more than just a Pretty Box

There are many factors to consider when creating labeling. Mirus Group has handled it all:

  • Where will your product sit, and what are its on-shelf competitors?
  • How do you stand out from that crowd while communicating within the industry?
  • Should you have multiple languages? Mirus Group has worked with Spanish for the western United States, French for the northeast and Canada, and with packages containing over 20 languages for multinational medical packaging.
  • Does your product stand, sit, or hang on shelf? We also conceptualize physical packaging structs and design conceptual box dielines.
  • Will there be a lip on the shelf, so important packaging information has to start at a certain height?
  • What's the best footprint to maximize both brand communication and product packout?
  • Design-wise does this brand stay within your brand's template or does it violate to attract attention?
  • Are you adhering to legal requirements for food packaging? Legal requirements for material safety? We have experience with this!
  • Beer and Wine and Liquor legal label requirements are stringent and crucial. Mirus Group knows adult beverage labeling!

We can even help you with your presentation to store managers and distributors. We're no stranger to developing 3D imagery of your product, or taking absolutely beautiful product photography. We can develop a killer presentation that will help you communicate your brand messaging and benefits to the Gate Keepers at multiple channels, whether it's c-stores, big box, grocery chains, boutiques, or even on-line based sales. We help you communicate the best face of your product.

Sales Generation in Convenience Stores, Grocery Chains, and Major Retail

Talk to the market you're targeting. You can shout poetry at an MMA match, but does the brand message, delivery method, and target match up? Mirus Group will help you define and refine your product's voice to speak the right words into the right ears. We will never override you and tell you what to do, but we will help you mold your strategies and present you with an impactful toolkit of beautiful branding and strategic branding. Because you can't just have a "cool" package. You need a SMART package. And that's where we come in. Contact us today and let's start the conversation about launching your awesome new product into local, regional, national, or global retailers!

Are you reaching out to Grocery, Drug, Mass Market, Wholesalers? We've worked with presentations for Home Depot and Lowes – you'd think they'd be similar but they are in fact quite unique! We have experience with developing channel enticement and helping you win with gatekeepers. We support brand managers and brand stewards.

Mirus Group has 15+ years of package design experience in Rochester and Western New York. Let us help you develop your brand.

Product & Package Design that sells

Mirus Group can help brand manager invigorate and grow product lines
and entrepreneurs launch and sell in to retail locations.