Brand Managers straddle Heritage & Innovation

Are you a brand manager seeking a marketing and design agency to work with?
Mirus Group has years of experience with Brand Managers to launch products
and make sales NOW.

The team of creative directors and designers at Mirus Group know and understand the importance of developing lasting brand equity. We have worked with international companies to manage brands with literally thousands of SKUs. We have worked with locally-based nationwide companies that have decades of brand heritage under their belts. And we have respected and understood what it takes to balance building innovation with respect for established equity.

We can also help you communicate within the corporate structure, facilitating presentations, sell sheets, portfolio pieces, sales slicks, year-plans and vendor and distributor communications, tools, and rewards programs.

Brand managers are the single-point position responsible for marketing strategies and developing brand standards, curating exciting new packaging, developing outreach to new markets – all the while respecting and honoring existing customer preferences.

Failure to honor brand heritage can quickly erode a loyal customer base. It can be a difficult needle to thread when you decide to tackle new trends and tastes. Mirus Group will help you land on a solid strategy that honors both innovation and equity.

The balancing act is as tricky as it is crucial. You can coast, you can waffle, but you SHOULD innovate while staying true.

You have the opportunity to engage us as your personal branding and marketing experts in the western New York region. We learn from you about your product and your company. We do the research.

We check out your competition and the market engagement environments. We know consumer thought patterns and we can help you communicate through the clutter of a crowded marketplace. We can help you develop strategies and tactics for packaging, labeling, and support point-of-sale and marketing materials (online, in store, in print – anywhere your customers can be engaged).

Mirus Group is your opportunity.

Mirus Group eschews out-of-control budgets and costs by maintaining a deliberate and focused team of professionals dedicated to your brand and your account. You never get our "B Team" because we don't have a B Team. When you work with us, you work with our best, and we are dedicated to you.

We have years of experience building efficiencies into our design process and are dedicated to a seamless workflow, communicating with print vendors and distribution solutions to ensure your projects are strategized, executed, and shipped without turbulence.

Let us be your silver bullet!


Food packaging is a crowded marketplace. Balancing the display of convenience but also delicious flavor appeal is a complicated communication problem. We have solutions with both communication design, enticing illustrations and photography manipulation, and support branding, POS, and advertising. Mirus Group is experienced in taking your brand from the first concept all the way to market, and beyond! Don't skimp on food packaging design! Your packaging needs to communicate in a very crowded, very specialized marketplace. Consumers are more educated than ever, so your food packaging design needs to catch the right attention and then educate and entice with flavorful and functional design.

Curation of established brands is a tremendous and ongoing responsibility.