Food Packaging and Labeling

What it takes to get on shelf and then fly off it.

We are foodies. We are respect quality ingredients and we appreciate good flavor profiles. All of us at Mirus Group are intensely interested in respecting food in all its avenues; functional food, fresh ingredients, quality marketing. We've developed packaging for muesli and packaging for peanuts. We've launched lines of fresh bottled water. We've developed enticing packaging for sports hydration beverages. We've even work with high end frosting packaging – because you have to treat yourself now and then!

Food packaging in Western New York is a tough market. We are a community of entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are launching products all the time but is the strategy connected? You've spent hundreds – thousands! – of hours perfecting your food product. Don't skimp on the food packaging design! Your packaging needs to communicate in a very crowded, very specialized marketplace. Consumers are more educated than ever, so your food packaging design needs to catch the right attention and then educate and entice with flavorful and functional design.

We know food packaging because we love it, and because we've done it.

Food packaging has to:

  • Communicate the category – is it fun? functional? Does it focus on a fun story, or is it all about the ingredients?
  • Communicate the flavor – appealing delicious illustrations and photography are crucial, as is the style of illustrations. Bright colors or dramatic colors are incredibly important.
  • Educate the consumer – Does your brand have a heritage story? Do you need to communicate food label specifics (gluten free, vitamins and minerals, natural and organic ingredients?) Do you want to cross-sell "serving suggestion" ideas?
  • Fit in your market but stand out from your competition – it's a delicate needle to thread!
  • Convey the brand promise – We ensure that the awesome contents of the packaging are communicated on the label or box.
  • Adhere to legal requirements – We've done adult beverage packaging, medical supply packaging, multi-lingual packaging, and food packaging. We know requirements and can help ensure that you communicate clearly everything the consumer needs to know.

We are natural storytellers. We want to partner with brand managers to honor your heritage equity and also excite consumers about new products in the market. We've launched dozens of products over the years, from fresh startups to established brands. We have respect for the time it takes to build a brand, so we know how to ensure its fidelity to market, but also not look stale. As you ensure fresh ingredients, we ensure fresh design. 

Don't forget about the visual aspect. You don't just need "any old label" on your food packaging. Remember that the first impression consumers may get is a visual of your packaging. Whether it's through traditional advertising channels or modern avenues like social media, or even if it's on the shelf, consumers will most likely see your food before they taste it! Your packaging has to communicate the end user experience.

Delicious, flavorful, educational, functional food packaging design. It's crucial not only to sell to consumers but also to sell in to retailers and to excite distributors. Every point of contact needs to be educated, entertained, and enticed along the way. Mirus Group can help that not only with packaging design but also media marketing and advertising. You need point of sale or sales trays? We do that too! You want support materials like table tents, direct mail, or flyers? We can do that. You want your street team to look the part, let Mirus Group help you design awesome tshirts and hats. These are all crucial parts of your overall marketing strategy and every aspect is important. Rochester and Western New York are tough markets to break in to for new package design. Get the best head start by engaging the best design agency in Rochester NY.

Food Packaging Design that sells

Mirus Group can help brand managers invigorate and grow product lines
and entrepreneurs launch and sell in to retail locations.