Brand Managers and Marketing Managers, take note!

We have, between the creative experts at Mirus Group, dozens of years of experience working to launch a brand successfully, grow an existing brand, help brands reach new audiences, and revitalize struggling brands. Have a conversation with us today about how we can help you take your branding, marketing, packaging, and advertising to the next level.

Brand Ambassadors are important. And everybody is a brand ambassador.

Employees are brand ambassadors. Encourage them and empower them. Branding should be fun enough that employees don't get sick of looking at it! Distributors are brand ambassadors. We can help you get them excited and empowered with sales materials, rewards encouragement, easy and convenient Point of Sale and Point of Purchase materials. Consumers are brand ambassadors! Make a great product and market it well and your customers will love to brag about it. We can help you with social media, engaging packaging, gorgeous illustrations and easy shareability.


Transparency with Brand Teams is crucial.

Not everyone needs to know ever detail. However, everyone needs to know at least enough to keep them informed on not just what, but why. An empowered brand manager is able to empower a brand team. And a brand team who knows why they should care will care. Whether it's a social media presence, branded content, swag and merch, or any other fun point of engagement, you have to think of your team as consumers of your brand. If they don't love it, they can't sell it effectively.



Staying Fresh in a world where Retro is New.

Look at that word salad. Retro. New. Fresh. Everything old is new again. Say you have a heritage brand that's been around for 80 years - that's awesome! We've worked with international companies that can claim just that. We have the experience to know how to handle these brands. You may think a logo that's been around for 80 years doesn't need anything changed about it but is that true? An old logo has heritage equity. But it may not be communicating as well as it needs to. We respect brand equity! It takes a long time to earn. But we can also intelligently help you evolve a brand to stay fresh and maintain the effective communication with which it earned its original equity.

If that sounds confusing...get in touch. We love discussing this stuff!

Mirus Group regularly has discussions about the shelf set. It's so very important for your brand. You need to fit in to your category but stand out from your competitors. If everyone in your industry uses, say, Blue... how can you use Blue in a way that's innovative? Sure, it sounds a little silly, but it's absolutely crucial to attract and then convert for sales. We've been doing this for over 15 years - let us help you navigate your marketplace.

From working with amazing stores and distributors, we have learned what you need to know to get on shelf and then fly off it. We know how to get on shelf at Wegmans. We know how to get on shelf at Home Depot and Lowes. We help grow internet sales. We develop sales kits for you to persuade, educate, and entertain the stores that will sell your product. Reach out for our expertise today. Your brand and your bottom line will thank you.