SEAL-ONCE Digital Assets

Design Mark Logo Lock Ups

Logo Lock-ups uploaded 10.15.18


Digital Ads - Hardware Retailer

Print Ads for Hardware Retailer uploaded 07.26.18

JPEGs for ads uploaded 05.23.18


Production Art Print-Ready Private Label

SO2105 ALL WOOD CLEANER 10lb uploaded 02.23.18

SO9101 ALL WOOD CLEANER 32oz uploaded 07.27.17

SO9102 Concrete-Masonry CLEANER 32oz uploaded 07.27.17


Production Art Print-Ready (Hammer)

1gal Wood Exotic updated 01.25.18 (1 label)



Product Imagery and Logos

PNGs of Products uploaded 12.20.17

SEAL-ONCE Badge Hi-Res uploaded 08.01.17

JPEGs for slide uploaded 06.22.17

SEAL-ONCE descriptor lockups uploaded 05.12.17

SEAL-ONCE badge jpeg uploaded 04.25.17



Production Art Print-Ready (Hammer)

1qt Wood updated 11.20.17 (2 labels)


1gal Concrete and Masonry updated 07.13.17 (3 labels)

1gal Wood updated 07.13.17 (2 labels)

5gal Wood updated 07.13.17 (3 labels)



Updated 5gal labels for all concrete products updated 08.30.17 (contains 1 label updated on 7/13)




Production Art Print-Ready (Hammer)


Updated PDF F-Style Jug Label updated 07.14.17

Full .AI Package F-Style Jug Label updated 07.14.17